Simon's personal vanity page (with added programming stuff)

What's the story here?

Hello and welcome to Simon's personal webpage filled with ramblings and rants about things I do (for money), things I love (no money required) and things I am interested in (usually no one will pay me for these).

I have worked in the Information Technology industry for a scarily long time now and I was earning a decent living working for a Bank in Glasgow, Scotland. Their business is to make money and I was trying to earn some of it back from them as an IT Project Manager, but I was made redundant.

Some of the companies I have worked with have been involved in a number of cutting edge developments. I am hoping that over the few years I will engaged in some interesting projects linked to my interests and maybe I will add a technical blog for anyone's reference to this site as things develop.

Points to note

The links on the top left navigate around this site. The ones below that go to other places on the Internet where I live and play and the links at the bottom are to sites which I have either an affiliation with or have been involved constructing. The links on the right change each time you refresh the page and point at websites that I found interesting on a particular subject (you can also find the same links on the interesting links page).

There are a number of bits of programming work "in progress" on this site and on the relevant pages there are numerous links to other web sites on similar topics that I have found on my travels.

Note that there are some Flex 3.0 applications (or bits of applications) on this site and they will require Adobe Flash viewer version 9.0 or later installed in your browser

Other bits of interest

This site uses CSS2 extensively which has been tested with Internet Explorer 8.0/7.0. Firefox 9.0/8.0/3.0, Google Chrome 16.0 and Safari 5.1. If you have problems with the layouts or just want to say what you think of the site or want to comment on anything that you have seen on this site, please send an email to replacing the '-at-' text with the normal @ sign.

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